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21 March 2013 @ 04:10 pm
Brother Stand Beside Me. [1/?]  
Title: Brother Stand Beside Me
Chapter: 1/?; In which Kíli is scared of thunderstorms
Pairing: Fíli/Kíli
Author: lilja_june / vollmondnacht
Genre: Gen
Rating: G
Summary: I’ve found I always liked the parts in my stories most where Fíli and Kíli are still quite young… so I decided to write a short story/drabble series with that.
Disclaimer: I don’t own The Hobbit or any of the characters. Nor do I own the title which comes from a song by Heather Dale.
Comments: I have no idea how many parts this is going to have… it really depends on my inspiration and on the time I have to write it. I’m on holiday right now, so I have some time. After that, I have no idea. The rating will most likely go up to T later and might contain slight incest. But due to the fact that this’ll just have stories where they’re quite young, it won’t be anything explicit. Prompts about baby dwarves are always welcome, though!

In which Kíli is scared of thunderstorms

It’s not the thunder that wakes Fíli up. Nor is it the patter of rain on the roof or the way the room lights up for a split second every time a lightning strikes. Fíli doesn’t care about thunderstorms and usually he’d sleep right through the nightly ones. What does wake him up, however, are the muffled sobs and whimpers from across the room that Kíli is trying hard to suppress and isn’t quite succeeding at it.

Fíli sits up in his bed and blinks, his eyes adjusting to the darkness. Kíli’s form is a lump under the sheets, hidden although it’s still warm. The air has been hot and humid all day and Fíli is actually grateful for the rain. He has a hunch that Kíli would disagree, though.

Another flash of lightning and the loud rumbling of thunder a moment later and Fíli sees Kíli shiver in his blanket cocoon. He pushes the sheets back and gets up to cross the small distance between his bed and Kíli’s. The stone floor is cool under his bare feet and it’s a weird contrast to the warm air that fills the room.

Fíli slips into bed next to Kíli and it takes about two seconds until he has his arms full of a scared, crying younger brother. “Shh… it’s just a storm,” Fíli tries to calm his brother, rubbing his back in a soothing manner. “But… it’s scary…” Kíli gets out in between sobs and he clings to Fíli, fisting the fabric of his brother’s nightshirt in his hands.

Fíli pulls Kíli into a tight embrace and kisses the top of his head. “It can’t hurt you, it’s safe inside the house.” … unless lightning were to strike the house but Fíli decides not to share that bit of information with Kíli.

It takes a long while until the storm outside quietens… and all through it, Fíli just holds Kíli in his arms. “I feel stupid…” Kíli says quietly when the only sound coming from outside is the soft drip drop of water drops that fall down on leaves and window sills.

“Because you’re scared of thunderstorms?” Fíli asks. Kíli nods in reply and Fíli feels it more than he sees it.

“Everybody’s scared of something, though.”

“I bet Uncle Thorin isn’t. He’s not scared of anything. And certainly not of thunderstorms.”

Fíli can’t help but chuckle quietly. “Maybe not thunderstorms… but I’m sure there’s something. Nobody’s completely fearless, some people just don’t show their fears in front of others.”

“Hmm,” Kíli hums and seems content with that answer. It’s another few minutes before he speaks up again. “Fíli? What are you scared of?”

“Uhm…” Fíli thinks for a moment, “Maybe not being good enough, disappointing Uncle Thorin or mother.” “That’s what you’re most scared of?” Kíli digs deeper.

This time Fíli doesn’t have to think for long because he knows the answer to that question, has known ever since he’s been old enough the grasp the concepts of life. “No, it’s not,” he answers, his voice barely more than a whisper.

“What then?” Kíli looks at his brother curiously, even though it’s dark and they can barely see each other. Fíli answers and if possible, his voice is even more quiet now. “Losing you… Of all the things in the world, I’m most scared that something bad might happen some day and I’ll lose you.”

“Oh…” Kíli says, obviously at loss for words and Fíli unconsciously hugs his brother closer against his chest.

“But you won’t lose me!” Kíli pipes up then, “Because you’re the best brother and you always look out for me. And when you’re not there, I promise I’ll do my best not to do anything stupid and die.” He nods enthusiastically to emphasize his point.

“Kíli, you can’t promise me that you won’t die. The world doesn’t work like that,” Fíli says but he smiles about Kíli’s promise nonetheless.

Kíli pouts for a moment. “I didn’t say that… I just promised you wouldn’t lose me. You know, when we die one day, I’m sure we’ll die together. I’m not letting you die without me and you’re not letting me die, either. So that’s the logical conclusion,” he explains and Fíli is surprised that his brother comes up with such thoughts. Because sometimes Fíli seems to forget that they’re both growing up and at times, Kíli surprises him and says things that sound far too serious.

“That is quite… morbid,” Fíli replies after a moment, “Look, can we not talk about anyone dying anymore?” “I’m sorry… I just wanted to make you feel better. Because you made me feel better about the storm…”

It’s one of those rare times where Kíli’s apologies sound like actual remorse and not just a hollow phrase because an adult has chastised him for something or another. It’s also an occasion where Fíli in return feels bad because he doesn’t want Kíli to think he’s done something wrong. But it’s hard to explain how all the talking about fears and death and loss makes him feel and so he just settles on “It’s okay… let’s sleep now, yes?”

“You’ll stay here, though?” Kíli asks and in that moment all the seriousness from before is gone and Fíli just sees his baby brother who needs him. “Of course,” he answers and presses a kiss to Kíli’s forehead.

They fall asleep wrapped around each other and when their mother enters the room the following morning to wake them up, she isn’t surprised at all to find her sons in one bed in a tangle of limbs and blankets. Instead she only wonders why they even bothered to put a second bed in the room a while ago.
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foxraferfoxrafer on March 22nd, 2013 08:20 pm (UTC)
Brotherly love and affection, very warm and sweet.
Hanna: aidanlilja_june on March 22nd, 2013 10:35 pm (UTC)
thank you for dropping a comment ^^