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23 March 2013 @ 02:02 pm
Brother Stand Beside Me. [2/?]  
Title: Brother Stand Beside Me
Chapter: 2/?; In which Fíli gets his first kiss (and Kíli is jealous)
Pairing: Fíli/Kíli, Fíli/original character
Author: lilja_june / vollmondnacht
Genre: Gen, Romance
Rating: T
Summary: I’ve found I always liked the parts in my stories most where Fíli and Kíli are still quite young… so I decided to write a short story/drabble series with that.
Disclaimer: I don’t own The Hobbit or any of the characters. Nor do I own the title which comes from a song by Heather Dale.
Comments: Have some teenage dwarves :3 Also, I went all language geek with the name of my original character. Since many of the dwarves seem to have Old Norse names, I gave her the name Drífa which is an Old Norse name and means snowfall.

In which Fíli gets his first kiss (and Kíli is jealous)

It’s midsummer. And for the dwarves in the Blue Mountains that means there’s a feast tonight. The shortest night of the year is celebrated with lots of ale and mead and good food and the night is made even shorter by the fact that hardly anyone will sleep at all tonight.

After much pleading and persuading, Dís has given in and allowed her sons to stay at the feast all night as well. They were never allowed to before because she thought they were too young but after all, she can’t keep Fíli and Kíli from growing up and the other young dwarves their age had already been allowed to stay the previous year…

Fíli and Kíli look incredibly smug when it gets late and the children are all being sent to bed while they’re still sitting at one of the tables. There’s a big fire roaring in the middle of the square, there’s music playing and the air is thick with the smell of good food and drinks.

“You can drink one ale each! No more than that… I’ll have your heads if the two of you get drunk!” Dís’ voice still rings clear in both their ears but who are they complain when an older dwarf re-fills their by now empty tankards (“Mothers always fuss,” he says, “You’re old enough to have a drink, lads!”). But maybe they’re not old enough after all and after the second ale they definitely feel tipsy. And because the temptation of drinking more isn’t worth the wrath of their mother, they refrain from drinking more.
Kíli has been in a very good mood all evening. He’s been having the time of his life with Fíli.

However, his mood changes to annoyed when one of the few dwarven girls shows up, sitting down next to Fíli and clearly having no intention of leaving again anytime soon.

Kíli knows her, of course he does, their community isn’t that big. Her name is Drífa, she is two years older than him, has wavy blond hair (a lot lighter still than Fíli’s hair) and Kíli has never really liked her. Her family has only settled in the Blue Mountains a few years ago and somehow that makes her different from all the other young dwarves they grew up with.

Kíli also hasn’t failed to notice that the longer she’s been around, the more attention she’s been giving Fíli and for some reason that irritates him. And now she’s been almost glued to Fíli’s side for hours. Kíli has never disliked her as much as he does right now.

“Dance with me, Fíli!” Drífa says and Kíli has to fight the urge to roll his eyes at the girl. Does she know how obvious she is? But Fíli either doesn’t mind or is too polite to decline and so he’s off to dance with Drífa, leaving Kíli alone at the table.

Kíli believes his mood cannot become much worse. He watches his brother and wishes the song was over so Fíli would come back and spend time with him instead. What good is being allowed to be at the feast when Fíli leaves him behind and he ends up all alone? But when the music stops, Fíli doesn’t come back. Instead, Kíli watches as Drífa drags his brother away from the feast, off into the trees.

Kíli decides he’s had enough and follows them, even if Fíli might be mad at him for that later. It’s not hard to keep track of where they’re going, he hears the girl’s giggles a short distance ahead. Kíli wonders if she’s had more to drink than they’ve had… but girls tend to be giggly sometimes and it might be just that.

By now they’ve reached the meadow near the stream and Kíli doesn’t follow them there. He stays behind, hidden in the shadows of the trees. He has no idea what they’re up to but it becomes obvious all too soon when he sees Drífa lean closer to Fíli and kiss him. Kíli is frozen on the spot. He doesn’t know what he feels, he just knows he doesn’t want that girl to kiss his brother. And he most certainly doesn’t want Fíli to kiss her back which is what is happening right now.

It takes another moment for Kíli to realise that what he feels is jealousy. And that he’d very much like to go out there and pull the girl away from Fíli. But he doesn’t have to do that because they’ve broken apart now and Kíli can hear that silly giggling again. They’re talking about something now and Drífa is gesturing towards the direction they came from. Fíli shakes his head and then Drífa kisses him on the cheek before she goes for the trees alone. Kíli takes care to stay hidden as she passes him and most likely heads back to the feast.

Meanwhile, Fíli has sat down on the grass and Kíli waits for a while until he walks over to join him in the clearing. Fíli doesn’t seem to be surprised when Kíli shows up beside him. “You’ve been here the whole time, haven’t you?” he asks without even looking at his younger brother.

“Are you mad because I followed you?” Kíli asks in return and sits down next to Fíli, cross-legged on the grass. Fíli shakes his head and looks up at the starry sky. “She kissed me…” he says and his voice sounds like he doesn’t believe that she did. “I saw…” Kíli remarks and it sounds sour, even to his own ears.

Fíli chuckles at that and Kíli’s mood drops even lower. “Don’t worry, little brother. You’ll soon have girls fawning over you, too. You’re not bad looking, after all.”

That’s when Kíli suddenly understands. Oh yes, he definitely understands but Fíli doesn’t understand a thing. He’s got it all wrong. “You think I’m jealous because you get attention from a girl and I don’t?” Kíli asks, just to be sure.

“Yes? I thought you were jealous because she kissed me… and no girl has kissed you yet.” Fíli looks honestly confused now and Kíli almost thinks it’s funny. It would be funny if it didn’t also mean that Fíli has no idea whatsoever about his brother’s feelings.

Kíli snorts. “And they say you’re the clever one out of us. Fíli, I couldn’t care less about her. I don’t care about whom she kisses. But she kissed you. She stole your first kiss and it should have been mine.”

He suddenly realises what he just said and shuts up, looking away. Kíli definitely didn’t plan on saying that, he has no idea where that even came from. Of course, he knows it’s true… but he never thought about it before and even if he had, he certainly wasn’t planning on telling Fíli. Now he’s said far too much and he’s scared what Fíli will make of it. He probably thinks he’s weird… or worse, is disgusted by him.

So Kíli concentrates hard on picking at a loose thread on his sleeve and hopes Fíli will just spare him the embarrassment and simply forget everything he just said. But of course he doesn’t.

“Really?” Fíli asks, “You want to kiss me?” There’s a hint of amusement in his voice and Kíli is confused. So he’s making fun of him now, that’s not much better, really.

“Hmm…” he just hums in reply, without looking up, he doesn’t dare to look at Fíli right now. “Why haven’t you said anything before?”

Kíli sighs. “Because I didn’t really understand… and it’s weird, isn’t it? No one wants to kiss their brother. Not like that.” “Guess that makes me weird, too, then.”

It takes a moment until the meaning of those words registers for Kíli and when it does, he looks at Fíli, eyes wide in disbelief. “Are you mocking me?” he asks because there’s no way Fíli can be serious.

Fíli shakes his head calmly. “I didn’t know you felt like that. You never mentioned anything, not even a hint. If I had known… well, I certainly wouldn’t have let Drífa kiss me tonight. Not even if I had been completely drunk.”

“So you don’t even like her?” Kíli asks. “She’s alright… but I’m not in love with her or anything. I let her kiss me because I was curious,” Fíli admits with a shrug, “And you know what… that might have been my first kiss, but no one has kissed you yet…”

Fíli trails off at that point and looks at Kíli who fails to understand the implication. “Uhm yeah… so?” Fíli smiles at him. “How about I get the honour of being your first kiss?”

Kíli understands and suddenly he feels lost because this is what he wanted but he hasn’t counted on getting it, no, not at all. And he’s aware of the fact that he doesn’t know what real kisses are supposed to be like and it doesn’t matter that Fíli is only one kissing experience ahead. So now he’s nervous and he absolutely doesn’t want to mess up.

Thinking all this cannot have taken that long but apparently long enough that Fíli interprets Kíli’s hesitation as a no. “It was just a suggestion, you know… I thought because-“ he says but Kíli cuts him off: “No! I mean… yes!”

Fíli chuckles. “Yes or no?” Kíli nods. “Yes, but… I’m a little nervous,” he admits. Fíli inches closer. “You don’t have to be,” he says quietly and cups Kíli’s cheek, thumb stroking over stubbly skin. Kíli swallows nervously and when Fíli leans in, he stops thinking and his eyes flutter shut like on reflex.

Their lips touch, barely brushing against each other until Kíli relaxes a little, so that Fíli grows more bold and deepens the kiss. Kíli just goes along with it. Fíli tastes like the ale from earlier. But there’s more – there’s something so distinctly Fíli that makes all of Kíli’s nervousness vanish into thin air. It’s new but at the same time so very familiar and it sounds stupid and clichéd but somehow kissing Fíli feels like coming home.

He has a hunch that this is probably not the most perfect kiss but it doesn’t matter. It’s better than he has imagined and practice makes perfect, after all. When they break apart, Kíli feels a little dazed and he’s not sure if it’s the alcohol left in his system or Fíli that makes him feel lightheaded.

Before he has made up his mind about that, Fíli has leant in to peck him softly once more. Kíli smiles against Fíli’s lips. “Happy now, little brother?” Fíli asks as he pulls back. “Very,” Kíli answers and then he adds cheekily: “So who’s the better kisser, Drífa or me?”

Fíli laughs at his antics. “Oh dear… well, I guess Drífa is the better kisser,” he starts and as Kíli opens his mouth to voice his protest he continues, “But I still like kissing you a lot more.” Kíli’s protest is forgotten and instead he just grins happily. Fíli smiles back at him fondly before he leans back and lies down in the grass. Kíli joins him a moment later, snuggling against his side, and Fíli wraps an arm around his brother’s shoulder.

“Do you think we can get away with spending the night out here?” Kíli asks. Fíli is looking up at the night sky again which is already starting to turn into a lighter shade of blue in the east. “I guess… most of them will stay at the feast until daybreak anyway. I don’t think we’ll be missed,” he replies.
Kíli nods and snuggles even closer, burying his face in the crook of Fíli’s neck. “Fíli… will you kiss me more often now?” he asks after a while. “I’d love to.” “But won’t it change things?”

“It doesn’t have to, really… we just add something, right? I have one request, though,” Fíli says. Kíli turns to look at Fíli. “A request?” he asks. Fíli nods. “Yes. Next time there’s something you want or don’t want me to do or if there’s something you want to do… you’ll tell me. Even if you’re not sure what it means. But no more secrets.”

Kíli smiles. “No more secrets,” he agrees and then moves to kiss Fíli softly.
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